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BNSF Capital Expansion Story - Sidings

*** Silver Telly Winner *** This explainer video shows how sidings increase capacity on a railroad. This is one of a series of 4 videos that supported an overall Prezi presentation as well as a digital annual review released to the public. We combined 2D and stylized 3D animation to explain how sidings add capacity. Click here to view

HP 100

This series of five videos is a Silver Telly Winner. When tasked to celebrate the centennial of the Town of Highland Park, we didn't just retell history. We wove the stories of the first 100 years of Highland Park around themes that resonated across the community.

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We have a strong background in telling technology stories. When Premier Transportation was ready to launch their new app, we made sure we presented their technology as approachable so their customers would download and use it.

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